Interventional cardiology

Welcome to Crescent Hospital & Heart Centre – Pioneering Interventional Cardiology Excellence Since 1985

At Crescent Hospital & Heart Centre, we have been at the forefront of cardiac care for over three decades, offering cutting-edge interventional cardiology services to patients seeking exceptional treatment and personalized care. Our team of highly experienced cardiologists, led by the renowned Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Aziz Khan, MBBS, MD Medicine, DM Cardiology, with over 45 years of invaluable experience, is dedicated to providing comprehensive care, innovative treatments, and the highest level of expertise.

Our Interventional Cardiology Services

At Crescent Hospital & Heart Centre, we understand that every heartbeat matters. Our commitment to excellence drives us to offer a wide range of advanced interventional cardiology services tailored to meet the unique needs of our patients:

  • Coronary Angiography and Angioplasty: Our skilled team performs state-of-the-art coronary angiography and angioplasty procedures to diagnose and treat blocked or narrowed arteries through right arm. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we restore blood flow to the heart, enhancing your quality of life and reducing the risk of heart attacks.
  • Percutaneous Coronary Interventions: Our interventional cardiology team specializes in percutaneous coronary interventions, including stent placement and atherectomy, to address complex coronary artery disease with minimally invasive techniques like IVUS (Intra Vascular Ultrasound), FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve) .Our Lab is well equipped with Rotablator for imaging within the calcified blood vessels and assessing the severity of blocks
  • Structural Heart Interventions: We offer a comprehensive array of structural heart interventions, such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), mitral valve repair, and atrial septal defect closure. These cutting-edge procedures provide effective solutions for various heart conditions without the need for open-heart surgery.
  • Peripheral Vascular Interventions: Our expertise extends beyond the heart to peripheral vascular interventions, where we treat blockages and vascular conditions in other parts of the body, including the legs and arms. Our skilled team improves blood circulation, alleviating pain and enhancing overall well-being.
  • Electrophysiology Studies and Ablations: With our advanced electrophysiology studies and ablations, we diagnose and treat arrhythmias and abnormal heart rhythms. Our specialists ensure that your heart’s electrical system functions optimally, reducing the risk of complications and improving your heart’s efficiency.

Meet Our Renowned Cardiologists

  • Dr. Aziz Khan, MD Medicine, DM Cardiologist: With an unparalleled career spanning over 45 years, Dr. Khan’s contributions to the field of interventional cardiology are immeasurable. His expertise, combined with a compassionate approach to patient care, has earned him recognition and respect worldwide.
  • Dr. Kashif Syed, MD DNB Internal Medicine, DNB Cardiology: Dr. Syed brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in both internal medicine and cardiology to our team. His passion for interventional cardiology and commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements make him an invaluable asset to our team. His expertise in complex procedures ensures that our patients receive the highest level of care.
  • Dr. Jayant Wane, MD Medicine, DNB Cardiology: Dr. Jayant Wane, a distinguished cardiologist at Crescent Hospital and Heart Centre. With an MBBS, MD in Medicine, and DNB in Cardiology, Dr. Wane brings a wealth of expertise to providing exceptional cardiac care.

Our Visiting Cardiologists

  • Dr Gajendra Manakshe Agrawal: Dr. Gajendra Manakshe Agrawal, an accomplished cardiologist at Crescent Hospital and Heart Centre. Armed with an MBBS, MD in Medicine, and DNB in Cardiology, Dr. Agrawal offers top-notch cardiac care with a wealth of experience.

At Crescent Hospital & Heart Centre, we believe in a patient-centric approach that combines medical excellence with personalized attention. Our commitment to innovation, compassion, and expertise has solidified our position as a leading cardiac care institution.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our renowned cardiologists and discover how Crescent Hospital & Heart Centre can make a difference in your heart health journey. Your heart deserves nothing but the best, and we are here to provide it.